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Hello, my friends!

I'm happy to announce that the second volume of "Max&Nelly" is already available!

(only as an e-book, though)

This part gets you to the end of this story, and I hope you'll like new episodes and the ending (it's a happy one, I suppose^).

You can buy your digital copy on Amazon and Etsy.

* On Amazon: you can buy the volumes separately.

On Etsy: you can buy it together (Russian and English versions included).



The "Illustrations" gallery has been updated - take a look!

If you're interested in buying the digital formats, the illustrations there can be found on Etsy and Dreamstime.

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  • I have great news for you, my friends! My fairy story “Moon Unicorn” with colourful illustrations is already on Amazon and Etsy!

    Also you can read about it in my blog (in Russian).

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